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Our Business Areas, includes all the current products and services that we offer our clients.

CNC Machinery Manufacturing & Sales

We do all the designing, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of CHENcan CNC Machine Tools by ourselves.

5-axis machining provides infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process in a single setup. Currently, CHENcan offers two series of simultaneous 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers, designed for rapid processing of large workpieces made by wood, aluminum, foam, and many other non-ferrous metals and softer materials.

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 Aluminum Turbine Blade  

Our gantry-type Large Scale CNC Mills have been widely used to fabricate large wooden, foamy, or non-ferrous metallic workpieces by dozens of industries including but not limited to Foundry, Mold/Pattern Making, Automobile Modelling, Automobile Aftermarket, Shipbuilding, Interior / Exterior Decoration, Aviation, Mining, and Prop Making (Theme Park / Movie).

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 PS Foam Patterns  

We offer custom dimension Sandwich Panel Processing Centers for our clients. A sandwich panel is any structure made of three layers: a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. Sandwich panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required.

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 Wooden Panels  

We offer 3D Hybrid CNC Machining Centers that utilizes Hybrid Manufacturing to produce large molds/patterns four times faster while halving the cost using alternative materials. Hybrid Manufacturing is a term that describes combining Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing in a single machine system.

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 3D Printed ABS Patterns  

We offer a wide range of CNC Routers and Cutters for woodworking and metal workshops.

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 Made by: AT / M Series  

Custom development of Specialty Machine Tools

We design and develop custom solutions for our clients and ourselves.

We have developed a Gigantic (weight ~300 tones) CNC Mill as the pattern making solution for our client. Those patterns will be used for casting fiberglass windmill turbine blades. It is capable of producing large workpieces with length up to 60 meters, width up to 12 meters, and height up to 5 meters. It could fabricate wooden patterns while keeping feed rate at 10m/min, and precision at 0.2mm/500mm.

We use CHENcan CNC Tools to manufacture CHENcan CNC Machine Tools. In 2018, we designed and built our second (first in-house build) five face CNC mill. Since then, we have been using it for processing steel structures of CHENcan CNC Machine Tools.

CHENcan aims to produce the highest QPR (Quality-Price-Ratio) CNC Machine Tools in the market. To further improve the QPR of our products, we have developed a Nine-Axis CNC Laser Welding Center for autonomous welding of the steel structures of our products.

We design and develop custom solutions with our clients. Images shown are our solution to improve the efficiency and performance of Oil Pump-jack Brakes.

White / Private Label Manufacturing

We design and manufacture white/private labeled products with you.

We offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Service for our clients. Which means, CHENcan provides both designing and manufacturing for your brand. Pitch us your concept, and we will create it for you; provide us your design, we will make it for you.

 Assembly Shop  

We offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Service for our clients. Which means, CHENcan allocates manufacturing resources for your product. Please provide us your design, and we will manufacture it for you.

 Manufacturing Shop  

We have various types of manufacturing equipment with a total value of approximately CNY 20 million to meet our own production needs. At the same time, we provide parts subcontracting services to our customers.

 Manufacturing Shop  

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