SF-5 Series

Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Centers designed to provide unsurpassed productivity in the machining of large and very large workpieces thanks to its highly rigid, gantry-moving mechanics.

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SF-5 Series Makes Great Things Possible

Assembled PS Foam Statue

Wooden Pattern

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In simultaneous 5-axis machining, the machine tool’s three linear axes (X, Y, and Z) and two rotational axes (A and B) all engage at the same time to perform complex processing on parts.

With 3 + 2, the machine executes a 3-axis milling program with the cutting tool locked in a tilted position using its two rotational axes. The process, also known as 5-axis positional machining, relies on the fourth and fifth axes to orient the cutting tool in a fixed position rather than manipulate it continuously during the machining process.

RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point) Function maintains rotary axes at a constant angle between tool and surface to be machined. It is a crucial difference between real (simultaneous) and fake (3+2) 5-axis CNC systems.

For machines with RTCP functionality, the control system keeps the tool center in the programmed position. In this case, programming is independent and is programming that is independent of machine motion. When processing on the machine, you don't have to worry about machine movement and tool length. All you need to consider is the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece. The work control system will handle the rest for you.

For machines that does not have RTCP functionality, that is to say, the pseudo five-axis programming needs to consider the swing length of the spindle and the position of the rotating table. This means that when programming with a fake five-axis CNC system and machine tools, it is necessary to rely on CAM programming and post-processing techniques to plan the tool path in advance.

You may already notice we offer two series of 5-axis machining centers: SF-5 Series features moving gantry design, SE-5 Series features moving table design. Each design approach has its pros and cons:

Table Moving Machinery:
- Pros: 1. Easier to obtain better accuracy; 2. Easier to obtain higher rigidity.
- Cons: 1. X-Axis stroke must be at least twice as large of workpieces, which requires much longer linear bearings and much stronger motor; 2. Workpiece weight is limited.

Gantry Moving Machinery:
- Pros: 1. X-Axis stroke just as large as workpieces; 2. The workpiece weight limit is much higher.
- Cons: 1. Not as cost-effective as Table Moving Machineries for small workpieces; 2. Harder to obtain better accuracy; 3. Harder to obtain higher rigidity.

When to consider SF-5 Series (gantry moving):
- Your workpieces are relatively small and light weight

When to consider SE-5 Series (table moving):
- Your workpieces are relatively large or heavy weight

Your Benefits

Your Business Will Benefit from Using SF-5 Series

Save time and money, improve processing quality and efficiency

By empowering you to process all five sides of highly complex components in a single setup, dramatically reduces the number of clamping times, much fewer fixture preparations, thus boosts processing quality and efficiency substantially.

Boost throughput and cash flow, while shortening lead times

The complete machining of the 5-axis CNC machine tool dramatically shortens the production process chain and simplifies production management and scheduling. The more complex the workpiece, the more obvious its advantages over the traditional process-dispersed production methods.

Shorten product development cycle

For aerospace, automotive, and other companies, some new product parts and forming molds are complex in shape and high in precision. A 5-axis CNC machining center is an excellent solution to the accuracy and cycle problems of complex parts processing. Significantly shortening the development cycle and improving the success rate of new products.

Redefine your overall capabilities

Our simultaneous 5-axis technology effectively avoids tool interference, thus raises the limits on the types of part geometries you can machine. It unbridles the imaginations of you and your engineers to produce highly complex components in a single setup.

Products Features

Unlimited Machining Power at Your Finger Tips

Bi-Rotational Heavy Duty Spindle Unit

Variable speed, programmable between 0 to 24,000 RPM. Allows continuous five axis rotation.

15KW Air-Cooled Optional
24KW Air-Cooled Optional
Your Preferred Equipment. Please Propose

Proven 5-Axis Motion Controller

SF-5 Series comes with various proven 5-Axis motion controller options, mounted on either standalone cabinet or cantilever control box.

Syntec 5-Axis Controller. Optional
Lynuc 5-Axis Controller. Optional
Your Preferred Equipment. Please Propose

Welded, Stress-relieved Steel Structure

Welded, stress-relieved, and machined all-steel base frame, gantry, and gantry feet. Steel structures are reinforced with heavy ribs to resist flex and dampen vibrations.

ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)

Up to Twelve(12) position, a bar-type tool changer hides in the sidewall of the base frame. A sliding door protects the ATC from dust and debris.

6-Position Bar Type Optional
12-Position Bar Type Optional

RTCP Function

RTCP function manages all irregularly shaped offsets automatically and keeps the tool in contact with the programmed point. Allowing users to directly program machines using part contour and desired tool angle.

Multiple Table Options

Various machine table options available (Aluminum, Steel, Casted-iron), with T-Slots, Flat-Surfaces, or custom table and jigs.

T-slot Aluminum Tables. Optional
T-slot Steel Tables. Optional
T-slot Casted-iron Tables. Optional
Your Preferred Equipment. Please Propose

Gantry Lighting System

High-quality, bright LED lights mounted in a weather-resistant enclosure and designed for harsh environments. The unit is mounted on the frame for better illumination of the work envelope.


Ball Screw Driving System

Compared to alternatives, low friction, and close contact in ball screws yields higher mechanical efficiency, higher re-positioning accuracy, while also decreasing demand for lubrication.


Rack and Pinion + Servo Motor. Optional
Ball Screw + Servo Motor. Optional

Automatic Coolant Mist Lubrication System

Vaporizes coolant and forms a conical mist pattern, resulting in a cooling effect as well as lubrication of the tool and workpiece.


Base Models

We Develop Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Solutions Specifically for Your Needs















Contact us to customize your SF-5.

Capable of producing 1:1 vehicle models.

High performance 5-Axis machining.

Price *

Starting From

$ ?.00FREE Consultation

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$ 179,888.0012% Off

$ 158,300.00

Starting From

$ 129,888.0012% Off


Top Features

: Standard

: Optional

: Unavailable


  • Custom
  • 24KW Air-Cooled
  • 15KW Air-Cooled


  • Custom


  • Custom
  • Dual 6 Tools
  • 6 Tools

Drive Mechanism

  • Custom
  • Servo Motor + Ball Screw
  • Servo Motor + Rack and Pinion

Rapid Travel Speed

  • Custom
  • XY 30m /min; Z 8m/min
  • XY 30m /min; Z 8m/min

Feed Rate

  • Custom
  • XY 15m /min; Z 8m /min
  • XY 15m /min; Z 8m /min

Re-Positioning Accuracy

  • Custom
  • ±0.03mm
  • ±0.05mm

Machining Accuracy

  • Custom
  • ±0.08mm
  • ±0.1mm


  • Custom
  • T-slot Casted-iron
  • T-slot Steel

Extra-Reinforced Structure

  • Custom

Travel Options

: Custom travel options are available on request.

Default XYZ

  • X * Y * Z [mm]
  • 3500 * 6500 * 2200 [mm]
  • 2000 * 3000 * 1000 [mm]


  • Increment of 500mm
  • 2000mm / 2500mm / 3000mm / 3500mm
  • 2000mm / 2500mm / 3000mm / 3500mm


  • Increment of 500mm
  • 3000mm / 4000mm / 6500mm
  • 3000mm / 4000mm / 6500mm


  • Increment of 100mm
  • 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 2200mm
  • 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 2200mm

Price *

Starting From

$ ?.00FREE Consultation

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Starting From

$ 179,888.0012% Off

$ 158,300.00

Starting From

$ 129,888.0012% Off



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Automobile Related - Unibody vehicle models, interior assemblies, parts molds / patterns.
2. Aviation Related - Parts molds / patterns, Propellers, Turbine Blades.
3. Composite Materials - Vacuum forming, Fiberglass parts, Rubber components.
4. Foundry - Wooden patterns, Lost-foam casting patterns, Composite material patterns.
5. Furniture Manufacturers - Mortise and tenon, Solid wood curved surfaces, Hand rail elbow.
6. Maritime Related - Parts molds / patterns, Turbine Blades.
7. Modeling Related - Any kind of 3D shapes, Real estate Models.
8. Sculpture / Scene Making Related - Theme park decorations, Movie props, Humanoid sculptures.

SF-5 Series is designed for rapid processing dozens of materials such as:
PS / PU / PMI foams, Carbon fibers, Plastics, Tooling boards / Blocks, Fiberglass, Modeling clay, Composite materials, Wooden materials, Solid woods, Aluminum, and many other non-metal materials.

We are continually increasing the usability of our products. If you have used similar products before, most likely you will get SF-5 Series up and running without much effort.

Moreover, CHENcan provides multiple support plans, including on-site training, remote training, and on-campus training. Additionally, we have a vast library of pre-recorded tutorials and how-to videos for the common questions we have collected over the years.

Ask your dedicated CHENcan sales consultant for more details.

All SF-5 Series controllers support G Code. If the software at your choice exports to international standard G code, you could expect SF-5 Series to load it.

Also, we are very flexible with the choice of motion controllers. If you prefer a specific brand model rather than our default options, we will try our best to adapt our machinery to fit it.

Yes, for SF-5 Series 5-Axis Machining Centers, we do offer the option for either in-house training or international installation, training, and maintenance services.

Please keep in mind that, we only provide English / Chinese speaking services engineers at the moment.

Yes, you could book an appointment with your dedicated CHENcan sales consultant for a tour of our factory. One of our bilingual (English / Russian / Chinese) client champions will provide you guidance for the visit.

We may also provide airport pick up service according the availability of our limos.


Your Colleagues Use and Love SF-5 & SE-5 Series

[ translated, taken from a service visit ] ...This 5-Axis Machining Center is unbelievable, and I used to be skeptical about the quality of our domestic products, you have changed my mind. ... (For our use-case) It performs better than the [Brand name removed] machine I had operated.


Jiapeng L.

Model SF-5 User

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