Full Cycle Services


Full Cycle Services

By "Full Cycle", we include all activities in the entire life cycle of your machinery, from training, inspections, maintenance, troubleshooting, and replacement parts management. CHENcan CNC will provide you professional and reliable support from highly trained employees for the Full Cycle of your machinery though remote support and training programs.

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Field Service

Regardless of where your production facilities may be based, we can support you wherever you need us.

Professional assembly and instruction

Regular inspection and consulting

Rapid troubleshooting

Machine relocation

Remote Service

We resolve 95% of issues through our remote service.

Hotline & Live Chat

Email & Reporting Tool


We provide free product life-time training in our facility for all customers.

Operation & Maintenance

CAD Software & Post-processing

Original Spare Parts Service

Get original spare parts through premium logistics.

Original Spare Parts

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