Isothermal Panel Processing

How CHENcan helps RV/SPV manufacturers and cold-chain container manufacturers to lower cost and improve efficiency.


Isothermal Panel

The global Recreational Vehicle industry, Special Purpose Vehicle industry, and Cold-Chain industry are expecting to grow at a healthy pace, which in turn expanding the market of isothermal panels (sandwich panels). The consumers’ boosting demand and rising spending power in leisure travels and camping, fresh food and beverages; the rising trend of doorstep delivery of groceries and frozen food; the expansion of the healthcare industry in developing countries; the improved road connectivity and infrastructure; all contributing to the continuous growth.

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The Industry Problems We Challenge

Production cannot keep up with the ever increasing demand.

When observing RV / SPV / Reefer from outside, it’ about 50% ~ 90% of huge isothermal panels with different size and shapes of holes. Said panels are processed by lots labors with hand tools for their specific modifications, which takes a long time, and it is one of the major drags to slow the whole production down.

Cannot effectively shorten the process chain, hence reduce cost.

The production process chain are complicated and dispersed, which is hard to manage and the quality cannot be guaranteed. The process involves so many personals that further complicates the management and cost control.

Hiring and training cannot keep up with the business expansion.

The traditional way of processing isothermal panels is labor-intensive. Whenever one wants to expand their production capacity, one or two hirings will not make any noticeable increase. Plus, it will take months for the newly hired to catch up to the speed.

Does not have a practical way to reduce workplace hazardous emissions.

Extremely hazardous dust cloud are often released when processing panels made of glass fibers or many other excellent isothermal materials. However the pollution cannot be effective controlled due the to dispersed production process and equipment.

Solution Advantages

Easily Scalable.

Utilizes advanced software and equipment to speed up your panel processing without adding too much labors (even with the possibility of not adding labors)

Reduce production processes.

Significantly simplify the production process chain, now you should feel confident to pre-embed any materials when fabricating the raw sandwich panels.

Boosts efficiency by five to tenfold.

Cut, drill, and trim the panel in the same station, our tools are strong enough to cut through layers of materials simultaneously.

Higher product quality.

Every dimensions is pre-defined in the computer, and the machine tool does the cut and dill at exactly wherever the blueprint says, quick and easy.

Improves workplace safety.

Ensures personal safety by using advanced non-direct-contact CNC machine tool with protection measures, and centralizes the source of pollution by replacing several traditional equipments by one CNC machine tool.

Hassle free training and supporting.

We will provide global training at the place you prefer. After the training, technicians are expected to feel confident in their works. We also offer life-cycle support assisting you in reaching your growth targets.

Applicable Business Scenes

# Centralized Sandwich Panel Processing

By using our solution, for most sandwich panels of any size and materials, can be processed in few steps: 1. Layout the lines, holes, and shapes using CAD software, then generate the tool paths. 2. Fabricate the sandwich panels with reinforcements pre-embedded in it (if needed). 3. Boot up the CNC Machine Tool, upload the program, setup one sandwich panel, hit the start button. (Wait until it finishes.) 4. Done.

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