Casting Patterns

How CHENcan utilizes modern technologies to help clients in foundry industry to lower cost and improve efficiency.


Casting Pattern

Although the global casting industry faced a prolonged period of sluggish growth, and the Chinese foundry is affected by the sudden decrease in domestic downstream demand. Impacted by the technological advancements and lightweighting progress, the output of castings will continue to increase at a low and medium speed, and the material structure of castings will continue to be optimized. Against the background of the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, it will accelerate the in-depth integration of information technology and the traditional casting industry. Digitalized and Intelligent foundry shops that embrace remote design, composite process development, new material applications, intelligent casting equipment, 3D printing, robots, and other rapid prototyping equipment will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry.

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The Industry Problems We Challenge

Unable to achieve standardized production.

Technologists’ trial and error process based on personal experience, the pass rate cannot be guaranteed, and accidents such as waste and scrap often occur.

Can not effectively control the costs.

The production procedures are long and complicated, which is hard to manage and delivery time cannot be guaranteed. The process involves so many personals that further complicates the management and cost control.

Declining labor force participation.

The median age of foundry workers kept increasing, and more and more production staff are facing retirements. It’s harder and harder to find new employees as the work environment is undesired for younger generations.

Needs an effective way to reduce material waste.

The molds/patterns produced through the traditional process have large machining allowances, an effective way to reduce the unnecessary waste is demanded, especially for larger casts.

Hard to comply with the environmental regulations.

Due to the traditional process-dispersed production process, the dust and other pollutants generated during the processing of various equipment have a wide distribution area and cannot be adequately controlled.

Hidden risks and issues.

Traditional equipment is often outdated, and most of them are manual contact operations and lacking safety measures and protective features.

Solution Advantages

Achieves digital production.

Adopt advanced software and equipment to realize reproducible, optimizable, digitalized, and standardized production process.

Reduces cost by thirty to fifty percent.

Utilize automation technology, effectively reduces the complexity of production process chain and total labor required.

Boosts efficiency by five to tenfold.

Significantly simplify the production process chain, finish most of the process in one clamping.

Higher cast part precision.

Use advance CNC machine tools to produce molds/patterns at higher precision, while reducing material wastes.

Easier pollutant control.

Centralizes the source of pollutants through replacing several traditional equipments by one CNC machine tool.

Improves workplace safety.

Ensures personal safety by using advanced non-direct-contact CNC machine tool with protection measures

Applicable Business Scenes

# Digitalized Wooden Mold/Pattern Making Process

By using our solution, for most wooden molds/patterns of any size, can be made in few steps: 1. Design the mold/pattern using CAD software and generate the machining tool path in an nice and clean office. 2. Glue and nail many wood blocks together to make a roughly shaped workpiece. (Wait until it sets.) 3. Boot up the CNC Machine Tool, upload to the CNC Machine tool, hit the start button. (Wait until it finishes.) 4. Assemble few pieces together. (If Needed.) 5. Do some sanding and coating.

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